Expand's Codes of Conduct

Expand’s codes of conduct are based on international regulations, standards and codes of conduct. Expand’s ethical guidelines are based on codes developed by the Swedish Trade Council, which in turn is based on the universal instruments in the field of business ethics:

  • The OECD guidelines for multinational companies (appendix 1)
  • The UN Global Compact (appendix 2)

The principles laid down in these guidelines, in turn, are footed in a number of broad-based, internationally agreed instruments, notably:

  • The United Nations Universal Declaration on Human Rights
  • The International Labor Organization Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work
  • The Rio Declaration on Environment and Development

National legislation in Sweden and other comparable countries in the industrialized world are generally more than adequately in line with the core values of these instruments.

More specific standards on business ethics have been developed and accepted within agreements of the OECD and the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The fundamental principles and guidelines for multinational companies (attached), laid down in these instruments and covering standards for corporate performance in the fields of human rights, labor standards, environment and anti-corruption, form the basis for Expand’s business ethics.

Expand’s approach and commitment

On a yearly basis, Expand trades with thousands of authorized distributors, resellers and dealers selling hundreds of thousands of displays to a very large number of end users. Expand trades in over 65 countries on an ongoing basis, currently with nine corporate offices in six countries spread over Europe, Asia and North America. Within such multitude of customer relations, Expand acts as supplier of products and provider of expertise based on professionalism and on awareness and high standards as regards to business ethics and social corporate responsibility:

  • In all endeavors, Expand supports and respects the set of values on human rights, labor standards, environment and anti-corruption laid down in the principles and recommendations of the internationally accepted instruments referred to.
  • Accordingly, every Expand employee is expected and instructed to act with high ethical standards.
  • On the understanding that the individual Expand resellers assume the ultimate responsibility for its own actions on markets, Expand will work to inspire our resellers to adopt and practice relevant principles and values.
  • Recognizing that good practices within corporate social responsibility is of growing importance for our resellers and their corporate customers in their competition for market shares, Expand will strive to develop new products and services, and strive to supply our resellers with education why it is important to live up to high ethical standards and how it may, or may not, impact pricing, availability, service and other competitive components negatively or positively in the short run, but should contribute to reinforcing their competitive edge in the long run.

This approach and commitment is being applied throughout the Expand Group offices representing Expand in direct customer relations. In cases of doubt and need of interpretation, issues shall be referred to Management, primarily the relevant Managing Director. The President of Expand is ultimately responsible for Expand’s ethical guidelines and for the actions undertaken by the organization to foster and implement them.

From words to action

In order to implement our objectives, Expand will - within the limits of available resources - take the following steps:

- Appoint one member of Management as especially designated Coordinator for supervision and surveillance of Expand’s ethical performance.
- Specifically include orientation of the Expand Group’s ethical guidelines into our staff development and training to underscore and disseminate, at all levels, know-how on these adopted ethical guidelines.

Per-Anders Ekstrom
Expand International


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