Design that interplays with function

A subtle and attractive design that emphasizes your message
You put a lot of effort into creating a professional image for your marketing. When showing your image, you should feel confident and proud of how it looks. We design our products to interact with images without taking over.

A comparison with a common picture frame
Our design starts out from how the image will be viewed. Think of how a common picture frame can either make a picture look better - or worse. Compare our products with the picture frame and your image with the picture. The frame should do the picture justice without detracting from the picture – in the same way our products should enhance your image. We design our products so that your image will be viewed the best way possible.

Our products are characterized by:
• Scandinavian modernism
• a streamlined shape
• a simplicity of use
• a strong interaction between function & features
• the ergonomics of functional use
• an appealing “touch and feel”
• a robustness that delivers peace of mind




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