A durable light box in a wide range of sizes


Enhance your message with the stable Expand LightBox - on the wall, hanging from the ceiling or on the floor. It is available in various sizes, fits in different environments and has several areas of use. Anything from temporary store campaigns (just order a new print to renew your campaign message) to long-lasting exhibitions. 

Top product features

  • Stable & durable, regardless of size and user area 
  • Available in a wide range of sizes
  • Use on the floor, mount on the wall or hang from the ceiling
  • Illuminated from inside with LED lights
  • Choose between single and double-sided fabric print
  • Available with two different fabric solutions



Use the light box in several different ways
Communicating with lights in stores, showrooms, exhibitions, restaurants, hotels or airports gives a stronger impression of your brand and your message will get much more attention. If you hang your light box on the wall or from the ceiling, your message, which is easy to update, will always be highlighted.


For wall mounting, the light box is delivered with wall brackets. Please note that other hanging devices you will need to provide yourself.



It is also possible to connect several light boxes to each other to create an extra-long light wall, an L or a T shape. In addition, you may also integrate your light box with the flexible exhibition system the Expand GrandFabric or our portable light box, in any configuration.


To communicate something new is always easy
This high-quality light box you can keep using year after year. When you want to communicate something new, just replace the single or double-sided stretch fabric with a new one. Read more about changing print »


Single or double-sided print in two different types of fabric
Choose between a stretch fabric that you pull over the frame (like a pillow case) or a two-piece fabric - where you insert the silicone edge (called SEG - Silicone Edge Graphic) into the gap in the frame. Both versions are available with single and double-sided print and if you choose a single-sided one, the stretch fabric comes with a light-reflecting back.

NOTE! If the light box is mounted onto the wall, you can only choose single-sided SEG fabric.



Great light distribution with LED
The Expand LightBox is illuminated with LED light, in a horizontal angle for sizes up to 2.5 m high. From 3 m high and up, the lights are placed vertically. This is to provide an even light distribution over the graphics regardless of size and to provide a low electric consumption - which is good for the environment. The light box comes in different types of electrical standard - EU and UK (available for US as well but then other size segments).




Set up your light box
This light box consists of aluminum profiles in clear-cut dimensions that are pushed together and screwed tight with a provided Allen key to ensure stability. The support feet are mounted in the same way. If the light box is to be placed on the wall or hanged from the ceiling, the hanging equipment must also be mounted. We recommend you to always read the set-up instructions that is included before starting to assemble the light box.


For light boxes hanging from the ceiling, hooks are included that you simply screw into the frame before you add the fabric.


Popular sizes
This stable light box is available in a wide range of sizes - from 1x1 m up to 6x2.5 m, or 2.5x5 m, with 0,5 m segments. A support pole (placed in the lightbox frame) is always used from 3.5 m height or width.

See some of our most popular sizes:



100x200 cm: 12.7 kg
150x250 cm: 16.4 kg
200x350 cm: 22.1 kg
250x100 cm: 15.2 kg
300x250 cm: 21.2 kg
500x250 cm: 31.6 kg

Do you need a specific size?
Do you need light boxes in special dimensions? Contact us for more information, we are happy to help you with customized requirements.

Send us a request »

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See how others have used the light box
Learn how the European Court of Justice created a light wall by combining 16 stable light boxes.

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Read about how the Dominique Perrault Architecture (DPA), a famous French architecture firm, used 20 light boxes for a large exhibition in Paris.

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