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Width: 390 or 460 
Height: 264 cm
Weight (incl. graphics): 20,4kg-23,7kg

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Combined transport box & counter.

Gather around the counter/podium during the day and, when you’re finished, you can quickly turn it into a transport box capable of carrying the Expand MediaWall XL with graphics and spotlights.

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• This transport box can easily be turned into a spacious counter
• Detachable shelves are available for storage of brochures, drinks etc
• Suitcase style (very easy and safe to pack) (packing instructions)

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Easy to set up

Despite its size, it is easily set up by one person. Just like our traditional Expand MediaWall.  

Download the set up instruction (pdf).

Integrate a larger flat screen

With our monitor stand, Expand MonitorStand XL, you can integrate a larger flat screen in your Expand MediaWall XL. A cut-out in one of the graphic panels is then needed.

VESA standard for fastening the monitor
The holder on Expand MonitorStand XL is adapted to the VESA standard (Video Electronics Standards Association), which refers to the distance between the mounting holes on the back of flat screen monitors. Expand MonitorStand XLsupports VESA 200x200 and up to 400x600.

We recommend maximum 60" screen and maximum 42 kg.

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Integrate a small flat screen

With our monitor holder you can add a small flat screen to your Expand MediaWall XL. A small cut-out in one of the graphic panel is then needed to hang the monitor on the system.

Max weight for your flat screen:
5 kg

Download instruction on how to mount your flat screen »

The monitor holder support VESA-standard 75x75 and 100x100.


A spotlight, 200 w or LED, is available as an accessory to enhance your message.

Download set up

Download Safety Instruction


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