Environmental Policy

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Expand International believes that a healthy environment is essential for the well-being of individuals, families and communities.  Furthermore, we recognize that it is our responsibility to preserve the priceless natural resources of our planet.

Expand International will:


  • Use natural resources conservatively by recycling and reusing where feasible
  • Minimize the use of non-recyclable natural resources
  • Follow all applicable environmental laws and regulations
  • Integrate care for the environment in all aspects of our business and aim to involve employees, customers and suppliers alike
  • Strive to develop, and market products that are safe in their intended use, energy efficient, protective of the environment, and can be reused, recycled and/or disposed of safely.
  • Use product development processes that seek to minimize any adverse effects on the environment.
  • Store, handle and dispose of all potentially hazardous substances and wastes in a safe and proper manner.
  • Encourage reduction, reuse and recycling in all of our activities.
  • Encourage responsible use of resources throughout our business, including conserving energy and water use and improving energy efficiency.
  • Be open to suggestions for improvements regarding environmental issues

Expand International Group AB
Per-Anders Ekstrom


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