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Q. How do I remove the graphic cassette from the Expand QuickScreen 3?

A. The Expand QuickScreen 3 cassette is simple to remove.

To watch a short video on our YouTube page, click here.
Download the cassette removal instructions in PDF format by clicking here.


Q. How do I replace an old graphic with a new one in my retractable display?

A. Follow these simple instructions.

Download the graphic panel replacement instructions for Expand Retractable/Roll-up displays by clicking here.


Q. How do I know if I have the "Old" or "New" Expand QuickScreen 3?

A. We can determine the version based on the end cap color, the pole or the profile at the top of the graphic.

In April 2009 we launched the new version Expand QuickScreen 3. The new EQS3 comes with a telescoping pole, new top profile and clear/transparent end caps. You can read more and see pictures on our website by following this link to the news release.

NOTE! When ordering cassette ONLY for existing units please be sure to specify if it's for the new version Expand QuickScreen 3 or old version. The cassette is the same, but the top profile is different.

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