Expand MediaFabric Update


Expand MediaFabric gets a makeover

The Expand MediaFabric has been a favorite for our clients for years, and now it’s getting a face lift! The New Expand MediaFabric is the same size as the Expand MediaWall. This means that you get a slightly larger Expand MediaFabric for the same price. Also, we will be introducing a wider 5x3 (150”) straight frame.  This will ensure a larger graphic area to help give your message the best look possible! 

If I already have an Expand MediaFabric, how will I be able to tell the difference? Simple! There are three distinct marks. The updated Expand MediaFabric will have:

  • A rubber Expand label placed on the right hand side of the frame
  • The hubs on the newer models will be a light grey as opposed to the old Expand MediaFabric’s white hubs
  • The article numbers will also be updated on the pricelists




The Expand MediaFabric is the perfect fabric pop-up for any activation, event, or trade show when you want to show off your message in an elegant and simple way over and over again. 


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