Need help choosing a display?

Finding the right display is crucial to make the most out of your marketing efforts and budget. Your event, location, budget, length of use, size and weight should all be taken into consideration when choosing a display. Below, we have posted some commonly asked questions as well as some questions you should ask yourself when choosing a display(s). If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Will I be using my display(s) in one or many locations?
Make sure the displays you invest in can be used for your immediate need as well as campaigns in the future. Since our products have a lifetime warranty, they will last for many years to come.

Is height limited in my venue?
If needed, double-check the location where you will use the display. Please note that some exhibition halls have a maximum height allowed (typically it is an 8' height restriction for a standard/in-line booth). Under the "Read More" section of each product, you will find the sizes of our displays.

What if my event is outside?
Be sure to choose a product that is designed outdoor use. All Expand outdoor products have been carefully tested to resist wear and tear by weather and wind. Please see our Outdoor Products.

What if I need larger or taller display to make my message more visible?
Our large displays/pop-up walls offer a larger surface to display your message, image and logo. For added visibility, you can use one or multiple Expand MediaScreen XL displays connected together. The Expand MediaScreen XL is our roll-up that is extra tall (up to 10') and wide (up to 4'). This retractable display can easily connect together with a simple click to create a large back-drop.

Will my message compete with other messages in the same location?
Take a minute to think about what the location will look like. Will there be other messages that will compete with your message? If so, put a little extra effort into the layout of your artwork to make sure that your message will be seen and easily read. A good idea may also be to use a larger or taller display as mentioned above. See our large displays/pop-up walls or our Expand MediaScreen XL.

It is important that my message is visible from more than one direction, what options do I have?
In some locations, people pass by from several directions. If so, choose a display that is double-sided or visible 360 degrees. Please see:

Should my message include a lot of text and information?
In most instances you have several seconds to catch a customer's attention so it is important that you do not overload your graphic with a lot of text.  It may be worthwhile to invest in more than one display instead of trying to fit too much text onto one graphic panel or display.

Should I use one or more displays?
By spreading your message out over multiple displays, you can create a powerful impact or environment that will surely attract attention!
For ideas that will catch your customer's eye, see our Expand Kit Ideas.
You can also create your own configuration in our 3D tool the Expand DisplayBuilder.

I need to change the message often, what is the easiest way to do that?
Choose a display, for example, that has the function of an interchangeable graphic or graphic cassette. This technology allows you to make the investment of one display and multiple graphic. This will give you the ability to quickly and easily change your message(s).  With our roll-ups Expand M2 and Expand MediaScreen 4 you change the graphic in a few seconds. The Expand QuickScreen 3 has a patented removable graphic cassette so your graphic is always protected.

Should the same message be used over and over again?
If you are planning to use a display product with the same graphic for a long time, make sure the graphic is printed on a material that is durable. Ask your printer when you order or contact us for advice.

Will it be up for a longer period of time or for short events?
Some displays are designed for short events or for occasions where you move between locations and need to set up and take down the display often. These displays are extra fast to set up:

For large messages: see Expand MediaFabric and Expand MediaScreen XL
For normal size messages: see our retractable/roll up displays.
For short term use: see the Expand XStand, Expand SmartStand or Expand M1.

What if campaign requires displays in many different locations?
If you need displays in many locations for one occasion, see our non-retractable banner displays. These displays are cost effective and lightweight, so shipping is affordable.
If you need displays in multiple locations where you will be updating the message regularly, see high quality and elegant Expand M2 or Expand MediaScreen 4.

What options do I have if I need to create a small meeting point or place for people to gather?
For many marketing campaigns, there is a need for a presentation counter or a place where a product can be demonstrated. You should consider a product like the Expand PodiumCase. The Expand PodiumCase is a shipping case with wheels that easily converts to a presentation podium. It offers optional internal shelving and external pockets for literature.

Will I need to hand out information/pamphlets/brochures at the same time?
With most campaigns and product launches, companies have literature that they want to make available to customers. We have several products that are designed specifically for holding marketing collateral, please view our Expand BrochureStand and Expand BrochureHolder.

Is weight an issue (to carry, to bring on a plane or to ship)?
If the weight is crucial, it is important to make sure you purchase a display(s) that meet your transportation needs. Consider how frequently you are going to be transporting these displays and how they are going to be shipped or transported. Most of our products are lightweight and collapse into a bag or case. You can check the weight of our products in the "Read More" section of each product page.

View our FAQ page for answers to more frequently asked questions.


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