Tips for Exhibitors

1. Start early
To get the most out of your event, it's important that you get started early. Select a project manager who will have the main responsibility and let that person involve those who should be part of the planning. Know the important deadlines and remember that usually an early registration for items like hotel rooms and flights can save you money.  

2. What to achieve and who to reach?  
Set clear goals. Do you want to build your brand? Launch a product? Educate the visitors? Would you like to reach existing customers or is the main focus to meet potential new customers? How many leads would you like to collect? Who do you want to invite? Try to make your goals measurable - It makes it easier to evaluate afterwards.

Clarify the goals for everyone involved in the planning and everyone participating at the event.

3. Choose your message carefully
The time that you have to catch the visitors' attention is very short. Based on your goals above for your target audience, decide what your main message is and communicate this message clearly.

Your message will compete with many other messages. Try to find a concept that will stand out. It is also important that your booth does not look too similar to the adjacent booths and that your brand message is visible from a distance. Remember that your message and logotype may need to be visible from several directions.

4. Be consistent
Make sure to be consistent in everything you do from invitation to giveaways, design of your space, clothes, snacks, bags, etc.

5. Follow-up & evaluation
Most important of all - get back to the leads you collected during the trade show and do it right away!

Evaluate your success by comparing your results with your set goals. What worked well and what can you differently next time? Summarize and save this information for the next event/trade show.

Tips for displays and mini stands
Smaller stands that are quick and easy to set up
- Large walls in different shapes & sizes (available with shelves & showcases)
- Set up your event display with our 3-D program

Browse through our three display concepts below to find the right exhibit solution for your needs:

Fast & Easy


If you need a display that:

  • Is easy to travel with and fits into your car
  • Will be used in a small exhibit space
  • You can set up and dismantle without professional assistance

Go to our "Fast & Easy" displays »


Modular & Flexible



If you need a display that:

  • You can alter the size and shape of for each event
  • Allows you to easily vary your message
  • Is quick and easy to set up and dismantle

Go to our "Modular & Flexible" displays »


Turn a vision into a reality...

30 ft layout

Plan your next activation with the Expand DisplayBuilder 3-D rendering tool.

Learn more»



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