Sanitary table top for food & drink sampling


A shipping case on wheels that converts into a hygienic table top for safe food handling
The BioCote® protected top is perfect for food companies who need a clean and sanitary surface to serve food and beverage samples. It creates a hygienic surface, provides secondary support to existing cleaning regimes and fights against contamination.

What does BioCote® Technology do?
BioCote Technology creates surfaces upon which microbes do not survive. The surface contains the active ingredient Silver, which damages bacteria and prevents the growth of mold and fungi. The Protec+™ technology, developed by BioCote®, eliminates contamination that is found on untreated surfaces.

  • Improves surface hygiene
  • Reduces stains and odors
  • Extends product lifetime

Our new sanitary table top was developed for several event situations:

  • In-store product demonstrations
  • Roadshows
  • Action Marketing
  • Experimental Marketing
  • Food Samplings
  • Any event where food and beverage is served!


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A multifunctional counter that is easy to travel with


The Expand PodiumCase is a shipping case on wheels, where you can pack all your things. On location, you can easily turn it into a spacious counter. It provides a large surface for food sampling and for your customers to gather around at your event.

- A sturdy, durable box & counter that you can use year after year
- Suitcase packing with 53 gallon packing volume - easy transportation and storage of your event material or your backwall.
- Inside shelves
- Large table top in seven designs
- Large graphic wrap to communicate your brand or message (just order new graphic to update it)
- Lifetime warranty



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Upgrade to the BioCote® protected top to serve food and beverage samples in a safer and more hygienic way.

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