Expand Spotlight (LED)

This LED spotlight can be used with our pop-up frames like the Expand MediaWall and Expand MediaFabric.

Expand’s LED spotlight only uses 19 watts (.16 Amps), is environmentally friendly and complies with all CE, UL and CSA requirements and emits very little heat. Each of the eight LED's has a life expectancy of 50,000 hours. A good quality halogen bulb only has an estimated life of 2,000 hours.

Unlike other LED lights on the market, ours does not use a fan for cooling and emits a warm colored light that is comparable to our 200 watt halogen. It also disperses light more evenly which eliminates 'hot spots' on the graphic. This LED light uses much less power and is safe to use at convention centers with strict fire restrictions.

The LED spotlight has a universal connector that fits the scissors ( X ) of Expand’s pop-up displays including the Expand 2000, Expand MediaWall, Expand MediaFabric and Expand BigFabric. For hub mounting such as on the Expand Tower (and other Expand Pop-ups), there is an included adapter that easily slides into place.

  • Energy efficient (19 W)
  • Safe to touch (low heat) 
  • Safety certified


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