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Sizes and Weights

39 3/8" (1 meter)

Pole/Maximum Graphic Height:
78 3/4" (2 meters)
Recommended Graphic Height 60" - 70"

118 1/8" (3 meters)
Recommended Graphic Height 100" - 110"

157 1/2" (4 meters)
Recommended Graphic Height 140" - 150" 

Total Height (including base):
Approximate Overall Height: 7 Feet
(Actual height: 82 11/16"  /  6' - 10 11/16" /  2.10 meters)

Approximate Overall Height: 10 Feet
(Actual height: 122 1/16"  /  10' - 2 1/16" /  3.10 meters)

Approximate Overall Height: 13.5 Feet:
(Actual height: 161 7/16" /  13' - 5 7/16" /  4.10 meters)

Product with Weighted X Base:
17.6 lbs. (8 kg)

Product with Ground Stake:
4.4 lbs (2 kg)

Additional Weight (included with the tallest flag, optional for others):
14.3 lbs (6.5 kg)

Download the Expand FlagStand 1 graphic panel size chart.

Weighted X Base

The weighted, scissor-style, X Base offers great stability and is easily folded for transportation. A rotational hub enables the flag pole to rotate when windy.  For soft surface, ground stakes are available as an accessory. 
The footprint of the weighted X Base is 39 3/8" x 36".

Extra Weight (comes standard with the tallest flag)

For the 13' (4 m) high flag, the extra weight is included and is placed in the middle of the weighted X Base. This weight is optional for the two shorter flags, however, it is highly recommended for wind more than 33.5 MPH (15 m/s).

Optional Ground Stake

The ground stake is an option to be used instead of the weighted scissor base. The ground stake has the same type of rotational hub as the weighted base.

The Pole

The flag pole is made of carbon fiber [the 7' (2 meter) height is made of fiberglass]. It is foldable, very easy to assemble and is simply mounted to the weighted base or the ground stake.

Bag for Easy Transportation

When folded, the product is very compact and delivered in an easy-to-carry, nylon bag.

Bag for Extra Weight
The extra weight also comes with a nylon carrying bag. 

Download a Brochure

Download the Expand FlagStand 1 Brochure (pdf).

Download the Expand FlagStand 1 wind speed chart (pdf).


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