Expand InfinitaSystem Backlit Fabric Displays

Strong impact with an illuminated image
With an illuminated display, your message immediately makes a much stronger impact compared to the surrounding messages. It makes you highly visible in a busy environment such as a trade show hall. Your visual is printed on fabric (with dye-sublimation technique) and is lit up from the inside with LED lights.


Infinita Backlit Fabric Display

light box perspective


LED with great light distribution
The display is backlit by LED lights, placed in the top and bottom. The LED is homogeneously diffused throughout your visuals. In addition, LED means low energy consumption. The back has a stoplight fabric.




The below display has a standard back wall with a backlit front wall:

web photo 2


L-shape backlit stand. Double-sided with a marketing message on the outside and an accent colour on the inside:


Visuals can easily be updated
Like all InfinitaSystem solutions, no profiles are visible. The graphic is easily attached to the aluminum structure with a silicon edge technique, which makes it very easy to update with new visuals. The visuals, printed on fabric using dye-sublimation, offer an excellent color execution.



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