3 Tips on Lighting for your Tradeshow or Event


Don’t forget the lighting!

It's easy to forget about lighting when planning a tradeshow or event. It’s often seen as a small detail and planned at the last minute. However, the lighting is extremely important, as it enhances and creates an additional dimension of message and branding. A well-illuminated display creates a welcoming atmosphere and attracts more visitors.

1. Create an atmosphere that carries your message


Illuminating a display is not just about making your display bright, but also about communicating a feeling or a quality. Think about what your branding and message stand for, and what you want to communicate. Do you want your display to feel relaxed and cool, or luxurious and elaborate, or energetic and interactive? Is it possible to communicate the qualities of your brand or product to enhance the experience of branding for your customer?

2. Work with contrasts and different light sources


A common mistake is to choose lighting that is too strong or too weak, which makes your display fall flat and look plain. Work with contrasts and different light sources. Direct the light to what you want your visitors to see when passing by your booth. Incorporate a backlit wall or a lightbox to highlight a product or a message. This will help the viewer to instinctively focus on what is most important and it will make your display more interesting.

3. Choose an environmentally friendly light source


Today it is more important than ever to conserve the earth's resources, and many companies have adopted a strong environmental focus. LED lights that draw minimal power or solar power and renewable energy are examples of good choices.

So next time you plan an event - don’t forget the lighting!


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