A monitor wall for presentations


With a free-standing monitor wall you can easily show a digital presentation or commercial while communicating your brand on the wall. If you choose a double-sided print (single-sided graphics will come with a plain black or white fabric print on the back), you will have one side with an undisrupted graphic area and the other side with a small hole for the monitor to attach to the frame.

The Expand GrandFabric wall (same as our modular systemconsists of an aluminum frame that you cover with a pillowcase fabric. The monitor wall is available in a variety of sizes; however only straight walls are recommended to accommodate the monitor holder feature anywhere inside the frame. For curved walls, a smaller monitor holder can be clamped to the side of the frame. Contact Expand for custom options and pricing.

Display your message – on the screen & graphic, both back and front

  • Stable and durable
  • Can accommodate a monitor that weighs up to 44 lbs. max. (VESA 75,100 & 200)
  • Long support feet to prevent leaning
  • Easy to set up – requires minor assembly to attach monitor
  • Spotlight available as an accessory
  • Portable – fits in the Expand PodiumCase




Long feet for stability
The wall comes with extra long feet to ensure stability when the monitor is in place. The feet can be used with different types of monitors of any size, with a maximum frame weight limit of 66 lbs.





Easy to set up

  1. Click the frame parts together
  2. Pull over the pillowcase fabric over the frame and close the zipper
  3. Add the long feet
  4. Attach the metal plate to the back of the monitor then clamp the monitor onto the “T” bar where the hole is in your graphic
  5. Done!

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Maximum weight for the monitor and accessories

Weight:44 lbs. (70” MAX height of frame, VESA 75,100 & 200)