Expand MediaFabric

Easy to set up

You can set up the Expand MediaFabric in 30 seconds.

Download the set up instructions.
Download the set up instructions (with end caps).
Download the set up instructions (for curved frames).

Expand MediaFabric Set Up Sequence

A variety of standard straight sizes are available: 
Width: 30", 60", 90", 120" and 150" 
Height: 30 " - 90" 
Depth: 12 3/4"  (with end cap fabric)

The curved display comes in two different sizes:
91" wide x 89.84" high x 23" deep
114.5" wide x 89.84" high x 30" deep

Weight: 15 lbs. (5 kg) without a graphic panel

Required floor space for Expand MediaFabric (Upgraded curved frame)

Download the Expand MediaFabric graphic panel size chart (Upgraded straight frame)
Download the Expand MediaFabric graphic panel size chart (Upgraded curved frame)
Download the Expand MediaFabric graphic panel size chart (Original straight frame)

Fabric Graphic Panel

Your image is printed on fabric that stretches to form a completely smooth surface. The printed fabric is fixed to the structure with hook and loop fasteners, even when the display is folded and stored.

Easily apply the end cap on the Expand MediaFabric
Available with or without End Caps
Expand MediaFabric is available with or without end caps for a third graphic dimension.
Expand MediaFabric with or without end caps
Expand MediaFabric Backlit
A large, rebrandable, and portable backlit fabric display wall you can set up in minutes. It makes the perfect choice for events, activations, and pop-up shops.(Expand MediaFabric Backlit is only available for upgraded frames)
  • LED lights attached to fabric backing
  • Double-sided: front graphic fabric and white back reflector fabric
  • 10 min set-up time
  • You do not need to attach the image to the product - just set it up and the image is stretched out to a smooth surface.
  • Sizes: width: 89 3/4" x 89 3/4" or 118 7/8" x 89 3/4"
  • Weight: 11 lbs or 14 lbs (5 or 6 kg)

NOTE: Expand MediaFabric Backlit is NOT a lightbox. The backlit effect depends on the graphic image and the ambient light in the room.


Spotlights are available as an accessory to illuminate your message. We have a 200 watt halogen spotlight as a standard solution. As a more durable option with a longer life and greater energy efficiency, we also offer LED spotlights.

Download set up

Download Safety Instruction (200 watt)

Expand MediaFabric shown with spotlights
Expand Spotlights

The Expand MediaFabric is delivered in a black nylon bag.

Expand MediaFabric Nylon Bag
Download a Brochure


Download the Expand MediaFabric Brochure (pdf)

Download the Expand MediaFabric Backlit Brochure (pdf)


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