Roll-up: Expand MediaScreen 1

Expand PromoRollup

Cost-effective retractable display - suitable for large volumes

The Expand PromoRollup is perfect for a specific campaign like a product launch, where you need to relay you message in multiple locations. The Expand PromoRollup is a cost-effective alternative that maintains high quality, durability and functionality.

This retractable display is only available with a width of 33 7/16 in. It's delivered in a nylon bag (instead of a padded nylon bag with handles), and it has a three-section pole (instead of the telescopic pole). Please note that this unit cannot be used with a spotlight.

  • Cost-effective
  • Suitable for large quantities and limited budget
  • Available in one size: width 33 7/16 in, height 78 3/4 in.


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