Choosing a Display

Need help to choose the right display product for your needs?

Finding the right display product is crucial to get the most out of your marketing efforts and making sure you can use it for repetitive use when needed. If you need assistance, please view the check list below or contact your Authorized Expand Reseller.

1. Where will I use it?
- In one or many different locations?
- Is height limited?
- Should it be used outdoor?
- Do I need a larger or taller display to make it visible?
- Will my message compete with other messages in the same location?
- Is it important that my message is visible from two directions (back & front)?

2. How do I get my message across?
- Do I need one or more displays?
- Does my message include a lot of text and information?
- Do I need to communicate more than one message at the same time?

3. What size do I need?

4. Do I need to change the message often?

5. Should the same message be used over and over again?

6. Will it be up for a longer period of time or for short events?

7. Should it be used for a campaign in many different locations?

8. Do I need to create a small meeting point/do I need a place to gather people?

9. Will I need to hand out information/pamphlets/brochures at the same time?

10. Is weight an issue (to carry, to bring on a plane, to ship)?


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