New price on an easy to set up backwall

We have reduced the price on the Expand MediaFabric, a backwall that you set up in less than a minute. A cost-effective alternative when you need a larger quantity. Also, you don’t need to invest in new walls when it’s time for a new message - just replace the graphic with a new one.

The example above shows a straight wall with covered ends (width 230 cm, height 230, depth 32 cm) where the new price is: 682 EUR (excluding bag and spotlight).

You quickly set it up
This backwall is delivered with the printed fabric fastened on the frame so when you set it up, the graphic is automatically stretched to a smooth surface. Perfect for product launches and in-store events, when you are in a hurry or don’t have enough floor space

Easy to bring with you
Since this is one of our most lightweight walls, it's as easy to bring bring with you as it is to transport. Just unfold the wall, pack it into the nylon bag on wheels (with the fabric still attached to the frame) and transport it in the car. You can also choose to carry it in our transport box on wheels, which on location easily turns into a spacious counter.

Now with a reduced price
The backwall is available in straight and curved versions, as well as with and without covered ends. The new price applies to all versions (excluding bags and spotlights), contact us for pricing information.