Tent accessories

Accessorize your Expand tent with counter table, lights, heater, fastening set, water/sand bags and transportation wheels.


Add a counter table to create a sales, information or registration stand. Or perhaps a bar or a kiosk.. Easily added to one or more of the tent sides. No tools needed. Just slide the counter feet into the corresponding holders and connect the counter parts.


Height: 105 cm
Depth: 30 cm
Counter: Spruce wood (untreated) and
Feet: 30x30 mm square tubes in galvanized steel (rust-free)
Fire retardant: according to DIN EN 13501-1:2007 class E

Download set up instruction for counter table »

Fastening kit

Secure your tent with our fastening kit with tension belts, spiral ground pegs and a hammer. The tension belts are fastened in the lower margin of the roof valance and the ground pegs (or a fence, car etc).



Add weights for extra stability when it is windy. Just slide in the telt foot into the weight. Each weight 14 kg.



Anchoring bag

Fill your anchoring bag with water or sand to add some weight to your tent. The anchoring bag is fastened in the lower margin of the roof valance.



Light up the inside of your tent. A lighting system with 3 floodlights (150 watt each). Place it on the center pole or the feet of the tent. Fastened with the propeller screw (no tools needed).



Add some heat inside. Our radiant heater (1500 watts, 250 V, 50 Hz) keeps your tent warm even when the weather is cold.
Mount it on the central upper pole or any other pole (no tools needed).



Add wheels to enable effortless transportation. Just slide them through the slide clip on two of the tent feet (no tools needed). Tilt the tent to wheel it away. The tent can be set up with the wheels mounted.


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