Stand out using a curved backwall with a counter

Use an easy to bring exhibition duo to stand out at exhibitions and event, or at other brand-building activities, where visitors come from different directions. The backwall with its organic shape provides a softer impression and combined with a counter you can easily create a more personal environment.


The curved wall, Expand GrandFabric, consists of aluminium frames that are put together in a few clicks with a stretch fabric pulled over. Choose if you would like to communicate your brand in two directions, it is easy to updatet when it is time for a new message. The wall is available in a variety of sizes and a straight version.

Easy to set up

1. Click the four frame parts together
2. Pull over the pillow case graphic fabric over the frame
3. Close the zipper
4. Attach the two feet.
5. Ready!

Easy to transport
After an exhibition or event, just use your smart counter as a transport box where you can fit both the curved backwall and all your event material.




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