A counter with a message that is easy to change

With the counter and transport box Expand PodiumCase you can communicate something new every time you use it. You just change the graphic on the front of the counter.



Update your image - five easy steps



1. Begin with creating what you want to communicate based on goals, target audience and a type of event.

2. Create a high-resolution artwork by using our templates:
Expand PodiumCase - open, 175x85 cm InDesign
Expand PodiumCase - open, 175x85 cm pdf
Expand PodiumCase - open, 175x85 cm Idml

If you are not sure how to create the artwork or if you want some tips on how to customize the message in the best possible way, contact us - we are happy to help.

3. Send us your artwork, we accept files in almost any format, but we recommend PDF, TIFF, PSD, and EPS. Here you can read more about what to consider when you are saving your file. Email your file to info@expandmedia.com (for files over 10Mb, please use a file transfer service, such as Sprend or WeTransfer). 

4. Remove the existing graphic on the front of the counter and replace it with the new one. The skirting board (the black plastic strip on the bottom of the counter) should stay in place.

5. Now it's ready! Repeat the five steps next time you would like to update your message.

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