Do you have a minute? Because that's all the time you need to set up our most cost-effective pop up display wall. It arrives with your printed fabric fastened onto the pop up structure, so you don't have to attach your graphic each time you set it up. Suitable for short and quick events, but also for product launches or on other occasions where you want to show your message in multiple locations. With its low weight it is extra easy to transport.

The campaign offer - 10% discount!

10% discount on all standard sizes of straight and curved Expand MediaFabric backwalls with your print (spotlight and bag not included in the campaign price).

Example price
Straight backwall 230x230 cm with print covering the ends (as shown in image to the left). 

EURO: 615 *

GBP: 550 *

*All prices are excluding VAT, packaging fee and freight

Campaign ends April 30, 2020.