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  • A compact and stylish brochure stand
  • Set up in less than a minute
  • Available in 2 different widths - 10 1/4", 19 11/16"
  • Three pocket varieties: 8 pocket, 4 pocket, and 2 pocket with graphic
  • Comes in a practical nylon bag


Display your material
Display your material

This brochure stand is light and easy to set up. The US offers three versions - a four row, double column 8 pocket version, a four row, single column 4 pocket version, and a one row, double column 2 pocket version with graphic panel.

Timeless design
Timeless design

The design is timeless and fits most environments.

Practical and lightweight
Practical and lightweight

All versions weigh less than 3.5 lbs.

Parts included
Parts included

All parts are delivered in a padded black nylon bag with shoulder strap. Perfect when carrying your stand in between locations. 



Sizes & Weight
All sizes

Width: 9 13/16", 19 11/16"
Height: 53 9/16"
Weigth: 2.8 & 4 lbs.

Width: 19 11/16"
Height: 36 5/8"
Graphic only available for 19 11/16" width

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