A fitting room at the race track

D2P is a Dutch company with racing in focus. In addition to offering people to try out racing, they are organising training for licensing, which enables drivers to drive on international racing tracks. The need for a portable fitting room came up during their events, where there were no fitting rooms close to the race track.

Branded storage with clothing rack & shelves

The customer needed a fitting room with shelves on the inside, a printed drape and that it could be used over and over again on different events. The best solution was three connected Expand GrandFabric modules and a printed fabric as a drape. A clothing rack and portable shelves in fabric (from IKEA) were installed - perfect for bags and clothes when changing into the racing clothes.

D2P ordered two fitting rooms from us and will continue to use them over and over again, which makes the investment both cost-effective and environmentally-friendly.

"We were very happy with the result, it looked really nice, it's of great quality and quick to assemble. We have already used it several times and have been very satisfied with it each time," says Christelle Smeets at D2P.

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