How come you chose to use lightboxes?

We saw the lightboxes at another event several years ago and thought they looked superior to any other material. The lightbox is really something else and has a luxurious feel to it, compared to other types of backdrops and signs.

We really like that the product is backlit and it's a great advantage that the lighting device is built-in and not visible from the outside. It simplifies things and makes it look really great.

How do you use the lightboxes?

In several different ways really. We use them mostly for various events, but we have mounted one permanently on the wall in the kitchen in our office, on which we replace or vary the print regularly.

In addition, we have used the lightboxes at our resellers for longer time periods and at an exhibition at Arlanda Airport for two months. 

The lightboxes are designed to be used year after year and just update the print when needed. Is this the plan for you as well?

This is exactly what we do. I think we purchased our first lightbox 7-8 years ago. Now we have three of them. Sometimes we use all three or separately depending on the event. We order new print every now and then, we have probably ordered 5-6 different prints. 

Are you satisfied with your investment? 

"We are super happy with our lightboxes. People often comment on them and say that they look really great, some people even think that they are digital screens. We don’t really need much more than these to be able to communicate our brand in a clear way," says Andreas Thorén, Nordic Sales Manager at Breitling Scandinavia AB.

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