Many workplaces are open plan offices and when planning to go from working from home to start preparing for returning to the office, there may be a need to divide your office space.


Add walls to divide your office space - between work stations, between groups of desks or other areas. The walls can easily be moved, used separately or connected to create longer walls.

Available in different sizes and may also be ordered with customized sizes.

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Reuse the walls for events later on

Reuse them as separate backwalls or as an event and exhibition stand later on. It’s easy to update your print or change between prints. 

The walls are made of an aluminium frame parts that you just click togheter. Then pull over the fabric print like a pillow case. Close it with the zipper and add the stabilizing feet.

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Sneeze guard for table

Put a sneeze guard on your table to make your internal meetings, customer meetings or coffee breaks more Corona safe. 

It is made of acrylic glass (plexi) 3-5 mm thick with aluminium profiles and feet. Can be installed with or without a gap in the bottom. Delivered in a flat pack

Sneeze guard in your lunch room

Place sneeze guards on the kitchen table or lunch room table to protect your employees and make it more safe to have lunch together.

Sneeze guard for desk

Add sneeze guard to the desk to make the work stations safer. This version is attached directly to desks with clamp profiles. For desk tops up to 25 mm.

Floor standing sneeze guard

Use this full body plexiglass stand as a Covid shield for your customers and employees and ensure that social distancing is maintained. 

  • Acrylic glass (plexi)
  • Size: 1x2 m
  • Easy to mount, move around and wipe off

Hand sanitizer stand

Make your hand sanitizer easily accesible for your employees or visitor with this free standing hand sanitizer stand. Perhaps you want to place one by the entrance to make sure everyone has sanitized their hands when entering your work place.

Made of black metal. Height 126.5 cm, weight 4 kg.

Can be ordered with or without hand sanitizer.