3D renderings created

The floor space is 6.5x7m and we created a replica of their stand in our 3D rendering tool. The stand includes Expand GrandFabric modules with high quality and exchangeable fabric print:
-Backwall: width 640 cm, height 318 cm
-Side wall: width: 294 cm, height 240 cm
-Storage: 98x232 cm, height 240 cm
-Storage: 81x98 cm, height 240 cm

Hanging shelves: 2 sets of 3 shelves.

Large counter Expand PodiumCase XL (which can be turned into two hardcases on wheels)

3D rendering - another angle

This rendering shows the stand from another angle. 

Busy stand during the tradeshow

The open and welcoming design offers visitors access from three different directions. 

Extra tall and wide backwall

On the back of the super large backwall - 318 cm tall, 640 cm wide - Ekets presents their staff. Check out the close ups of the print in the video further down on this page. 

Video & presentations

A monitor integrated in the large backwall to show video and presentations.

Large storage

Ekets has chosen two storage spaces, this one is 232x98 cm and is used to keep food, snacks and drinks that they offered the visitors at the spacious counter Expand PodiumCase XL.

Smaller storage

The smaller storage is 81x98cm, where they put their coats and bags , to be able to keep the rest of the stand clean. 

Hanging shelves to present products

Many companies chose to promote their products on all their graphics. Ekets keep their graphic design very clean and instead uses the hanging shelves both on the larger storage and on one of the side walls, to present products and product details. This results in a less is more and high quality feel to the brand and the stand.

Easy to pack, transport & store

The entire stand is packed in seven nylon bags on wheels plus two hardcases on wheels - Expand PodiumCase (which are turned into the large counter called Expand PodiumCase XL). The company Fyra Punkter sets up the stand and stores it for Ekets in between the exhibitions.