This hardcase on wheels fits the sales kit

Pack your backwall in the transport case on wheels, which you easily turn into a branded counter. 

Learn more about the counter/transport case Expand PodiumCase

The backwall is set up in a few steps

The wall comes in many different sizes and is easy to set up:

1. Click the four sturdy aluminium frame parts together
2. Pull over the printed fabric like a pillowcase
3. Add the support feet 
4. Done!

Turn your wall around

Your graphic is dye sub printed on a wrinkle-resistant stretch fabric with excellent print quality. With print on both sides, you get two graphics to vary between.

Durable - use it year after year

The products can be used year after year, just order new print when you want to update your branding or communication. 

Read more about the backwall Expand GrandFabric

Or choose backlit for your kit!

Combine your Expand GrandFabric backwall with a LED counter or choose a completely backlit kit with a lightbox and an LED counter. 

Go to Expand LightBox portable
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