13 m long backwall at Stockholm Furniture Fair

During Stockholm Furniture Fair they had a 13x4 m space where they created a 13 meter long backwall with the height 3.18 m (using 3 walls with 3 m width and 2 walls with 2 m width).

Next time they could use the same walls to create a stand shaped as an L or a U or something else. 

Bilingual print with a “less is more” concept

Giving the products the prominent role, Golvabia chose a less is more approach to the design of their graphics, with their dark blue background colour with logos on some of the walls. One of the walls have a short pay-off – in Swedish on one side, in English on the other, to facilitate for both domestic exhibitions and those abroad. 

"This concept makes the graphics last for a long time and works for all our events. If we want to add a photo print on one or some of the walls, we will just order additional graphics," Pontus Davidsson, Marketing Director at Golvabia says.

3D rendering of the English version

3D renderings were created by Expand in the process of the design creation. This shows the back of the configuration used at Stockholm Furniture Fair, with the English text. 

3D rendering of a smaller configuration

The Expand GrandFabric walls that Golvabia has invested in, can be used in many different ways. This shows an example of a smaller L shaped stand using some of the walls.

For another tradeshow, Golvabia added a storage

For another exhibition, Golvabia chose a 10x2 m stand and wanted to add a storage. To visualize it, we created a 3D rendering before Golvabia ordered.

2x2 meter storage

They chose a 2x2 m storage space with a curtain for easy access and were very happy with the solution.

Useful space

Golvabia uses the space primarily to store products but also to be able to sit down for a short break or to check e-mails.

“We are very satisfied with the choice of the Expand GrandFabric system. It is very easy to set up, yet communicates a sense of high quality. We also really appreciate how it is packed and does not take up much space when we store it in between our events. The fact that we can vary it in size is also a major advantage, which makes it both cost-effective and sustainable,” says Pontus Davidsson, Marketing Director at Golvabia.

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