Easy to bring with you & set up

An Expand GrandFabric portable backwall is easy to bring with you in a bag on wheels and is handy to set up. It is available in many different sizes in both straight and curved shapes.

With printed designs on both sides, you can show different branded imagery. This example shows a backwall with:

  • Photo print with logo on one side
  • Corporate color print with logo on the other side

See how you can utilize one backwall for many different activities:

Use it as backdrop

Use it as a branded backdrop at presentations, speeches, and broadcasted events or online meetings.

At your roadshow

Add two retractable banner displays and a counter. Add a sneeze guard and a hand sanitizer stand for added sanitation and social distancing measures. Easy to pack in your car, transport and set up.

As part of your exhibition & event stand

The backwall is part of our modular Expand GrandFabric system, just add one or more walls to create your future exhibition or event stand.

As a room divider for your office

Limit air and physical contact in the workplace by separating different areas in your office space.

Easy to set up

1. Click four sturdy aluminum profiles together to create the frame
2. Pull over the pillow case fabric and close with the zipper
3. Add two support feet
4. Done!

Want to know more?

With this high quality Expand GrandFabric portable fabric backwall, you can also add a digital monitor. Or why not add our outdoor base and reuse it for your outdoor marketing activities? Learn more