3D sketches during the planning stage

Artex aimed for an open stand where they could welcome the visitors from all four sides. Even if someone just passed by one side of the stand, they shouldn't miss anything. They needed a meeting room, closed but not too closed. Filled with creative ideas, the goal was to look "like no one else".

We created a range of different sketches in our 3D design tool during the planning stage. This shows the solution that Artex chose.

3D sketch from another angle

This shows the final stand design from another angle. The hanging logo circle in the ceiling made sure they were seen from a distance. 

Three lightboxes

Artex placed three Expand LightBox portable showing images from their manufacturing and refurbishing facilities. With print on both sides, they could communicate both in the inside and on the outside of the stand.

Video presentation & a large counter

The extra large counter, Expand PodiumCase XL, gave them lots of space to welcome their visitors and great storage space with 8 shelves in the inside of the counter - for extra drinks, giveaways and marketing material. The table top for the counter is custom made in birch to match the recycled floor they used in their stand.

They also used two of their Expand GrandFabric backwalls with integrated monitors, where they showed video presentations.

Meeting & work room

With four Expand GrandFabric a meeting room was created, where they could sit down with customers. During the exhibition they realized how useful it was also as a working area when they needed to check e-mails or take a quick break. 

Creativity in the brand - and the stand!

One of their creative ideas shows in this photo. Sewing of giveaways for the visitors went on throughout the exhibition. With large and colourful rolls of thread hanging from the ceiling. 

Very happy with how the stand turned out

"We are extremely happy with how our stand turned out. It's so great to see your visions come alive. A lot of people entered from all sides, the fabric graphic print is in tune with our brand and the set up of the stand was really straight-forward and user-friendly. We have received a lot of praise for the design and look of our stand from both visitors and other exhibitors.

Our strategy is to become more visible by participating in more events and exhibitions. We will definitively use our Expand products again and again in different combinations and configurations," says Milou Areland, Head of Marketing at Artex as well as the creative mind for the stand.