We created a 3D rendering

During the planning process, we created 3D renderings for the 8x3m floor space to visualise the new stand design.

Straight-forward set up

"As soon as we got a grip on how everything worked, it was really straight-forward to mount the stand. It was also very easy to dismount and pack, as it was very clear how everything should be packed."

The large counter became a gathering point

"The large counter was a safe and relaxed place for both us and our visitors to gather around. We sat or stood behind it and our visitors dared to approach our stand and could stand by the counter and talk to us. We offered coffee and used the counter mostly as a social space rather than for a space to put things or show things on."

On the inner shelves, we stored woter bottles, soda and coffee to offer our visitors, as well as some info leaflets to hand out."

Storage & TV screen

"The demo pod was used for putting away coats and bags. On the TV screen we showed a PR film from our supplier Lanxess, but in the future we will produce a brand-building film to show on the screen at our future exhibitions."

Reusing the solution for other trade shows and events

"We participate on a few different exhibitions per year, where we want to present ourselves and create new contacts in the industry. We will use our stand at the Swedish trade shows Elmia Subcontractor, Plastteknik Nordic, Elmia Polymer, but also at smaller more specialized trade shows within medical technology, packaging etc.

At future customer events, we may use parts of the stand, such as the counter and the demo pod to add to the branding of the event with our name and logo. We may add a few more 1 m width walls to be more flexible with limited floor space."

Are you satisfied with the result?

"We are very happy with our solution from Expand. We noticed that we really stood out at the exhibitions, with the great design and look as well as the functionality. Our stand also became a social meeting spot where we experienced a lot of great visits from both existing and new contacts," Magnus Waldenström, says Managing Director at Mape Plastics.

For a new trade show, Mape made some modifications

For the new trade show, Mape had a 8x4m floor space and they wanted to do some modifications to their existing solution. We created new 3D renderings to visualize the new configuration:

  • Adding a 4 m wide lightbox with an integrated monitor to create an L shape
  • New print on one of the existing lightboxes

Lightbox with integrated monitor

Mape chose to integrate a monitor in their 4 meter wide lightbox to show videos and presentations.

Only lightboxes in the stand makes Mape stand out

With the entire stan backlit, Mape makes sure their brand stands out at exhibitions where lots of companies compete for attention.

”The fact that we can create new, creative stand configurations with our existing solution made it very easy to get an updated look for upcoming tradeshows" 

”Our new lightbox with an integrated TV gave us a modern look and became a great addition to our stand, creating a refreshed impression of our brand for our visitors at the annual exhibition Elmia Subcontractor"

Gustav Svenungsson
Chief Marketing Officer, Mape Plastics AB

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